The grass is always greener, right?

We’ve all seen the entertaining memes and status updates from parents slowly going crazy at home with children or of people who are forced to spend way more time than normal with their partner or spouse.

As someone who lives alone, I have to admit… I am slightly envious.

Going through something like this is hard for everyone, and the solitude and the inability to be physically close and hug the people I love only manifests those feelings of anxiety and fear. I’m scared of having my loved ones get sick and not being able to be there for them or facing this terrible illness alone.

None of us know how this is going to play out. If you’re able to hug your loved ones, please do. Don’t take this time for granted. How many times have you been with someone you care about and wished that time would stop? You essentially have that chance now, how amazing is that?!

I hope that through all of this, passions are ignited, wounds are healed, friendships and relationships deepened and that families and communities come together (figuratively, or at least 6 feet away). We have a rare chance here that we’ve never seen in our lifetime and, hopefully, will never see again under these circumstances.

When your kids are driving you insane or your spouse keeps stacking dirty dishes in the sink, I hope you can still find the beauty in the gift of being with your loved ones and being in good health. Also, don’t forget about the healthcare workers, first responders and grocery store employees who don’t have a choice to stay home and are risking their personal health for us all.

Meanwhile, your single friends will be here, probably binging cat videos and growing weirder and weirder by the minute.

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